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Mentor/Coach, Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker


My name is Thomas, but you are more than welcome to call me The Mind Guy.

My story is long and layered like a giant dish of lasagna. Today, I am a person that can enjoy life.  I can laugh at myself and I can laugh with others. Every morning I’m excited and grateful to start a new day.  It wasn’t always this way.  As a child I was shy and reserved, afraid of the world, and filled with nervousness and anxiety.  My early adult years were a constant struggle and I lost nearly a decade drinking my life away.  My 20’s contain few positive memories and frankly it was all just a blur from all the drinking I was doing.  I sucked at life and I would remind myself constantly of this.  This went on until the age of 28, when I hit rock bottom, and I had to make some difficult but necessary choices.  I knew I would not survive much longer living life the way I was.  So I changed.  Slowly of course, per the laws of growth.  I vowed I would no longer suck at life – in fact, I set an ambitious goal.  I told myself, “I’m going to become an expert at life”.  Pursuing this goal has been my life for the past 7 years.  


 My dog Brody & I crashing in my van on the Pacific Coast Highway while traveling the country after feeling stuck for years at a job I wasn’t passionate about.  Best decision I ever made!

“Everything you need to know is inside of you”

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