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Problem/Goal:  Quit drinking alcohol

Date: May 4th, 2013

Technique: Suggestion therapy

Summary: I was an alcoholic for 10 years.  I was in rehab at the age of 23 and was sober during that period for approximately a year.  I went to the same hypnotist which helped me successfully quit smoking.  He had minimal training and did sessions out of his living room.  He was an ex-smoker and ex-drinker himself.  We did a one hour session and he used a basic script of suggestions focusing on the quitting of alcohol.  Similar to quitting smoking I used the same approach of overindulging so my hangovers were painful in the morning.  I do not recommend this technique; it has severe health risks.  I do believe the over consumption of alcohol created a negative emotional response in me and brought a stronger emotional desire for changing this habit.

Belief: I’m addicted to alcohol and will never be able to quit drinking.

Results: I have not consumed an alcoholic beverage since the session, although I did have cravings occasionally for approximately a year.  These cravings were mostly present while I was surrounded by others drinking. In these situations, I would reflect on my negative drinking experiences including my severe hangovers to help curb the cravings.  Although, I was now even more exposed to my anxieties socially and just accepted these uncomfortable feelings as they came.  I had not overcome the underlying problems associated with the consumption of alcohol and was still able to stay sober. 

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