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Problem/Goal:  Quit smoking cigarettes

Date:  September 9th, 2011

Technique:  Suggestion therapy

Summary:  I wanted to quit smoking and I knew two people who quit using the same hypnotist.  The hypnotist had minimal training and did sessions out of his living room.  He was an ex-smoker and ex-drinker and was very open and honest about his life.  We did a one hour session and he used a basic script of suggestions focusing on how disgusting cigarettes are.  I remember getting the idea to smoke more cigarettes than usual the week prior to this session.  I do not recommend this technique; it has severe health risks, but I smoked two packs a day for a week straight and hated how I felt and hated the gross taste in my mouth.  While in hypnotherapy school I found that hypnosis is most effective in people who have a strong emotional desire for change.  I inadvertently did this and I believe it helped me in being able to quit in one session. Quitting after one session is not normal and has been found moderately successful with aversion hypnotherapy.

Belief: I’m addicted to cigarettes and will never be able to quit smoking.

Results:  I had cravings for two weeks, but the hypnotist provided me with straws to chew on to help with the oral fixation habit.  After two weeks I never wanted a cigarette again and the programming was so effective I went back to being disgusted by the smell of cigarette smoke.  I will never pick up a cigarette again, regardless of what terrible life situation pops up.

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