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Connecting With Others

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Connecting with others

Date: September 2017

Technique: Suggestion therapy

Session: Coach

Summary: This was my first session with my coach at the academy and the problem I wanted to work on is the disconnection I felt with other’s.  I wanted to feel more connected to people. He asked me what I needed to believe about myself to be able to make this goal happen.  My response, “worthy of love.”  

Belief: I wasn’t worthy of love.

Result:  While I was in hypnosis and he read the suggestions to me, I started to cry.  It felt as if the rib cage to my soul had been pried open.  I was exhausted the rest of the day and it felt like an open wound trying to heal itself.  This exhaustion and healing continued until the next day.  Real healing through hypnotherapy is emotional healing and reversing a personal lie programmed in your subconscious mind.  I am worthy of love.  We are all worthy of love.  

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