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Discomfort From Being Watched

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: The uncomfortable feeling of being stared at and watched over while performing a task

Date: October 2017

Technique: IWI

Session: In-class

Summary: This problem actually surfaced when I was doing my mid-term practicum at the Academy.  We were performing hypnosis interviews and inductions.  I knew the material and spent plenty of time practicing and preparing.  I felt confident in knowing the material.  Yet, when I was doing the practicum and the coach was sitting and watching, my focus and attention were on his eyes.  He actually had large eyes and I could feel them peering in my direction.  I did not do as well as I should have because of this lack of focus.  So the next in-class session I did an IWI with this problem.   This is quite funny, the object my subconscious mind chose was the coach I did the practicum with, but with bigger eyes, like out of a Looney Tunes cartoon.  The session taught me a valuable lesson too.

Belief:  People who are watching me while I’m doing a task are judging me.

The belief likely stemmed or was reinforced from an incident that occurred in 4th grade.  See Mind Guy Testimonial: Memory of Being Picked on as a Child. 

Result: My subconscious mind taught me this, that the coach was there to assist in my learning process. He was not there judging me.  This seems like basic, intuitive information, but behavior becomes routine and it sticks with you for long periods of time, until you address the behavior in a meaningful way.  I did just that in this session. 

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