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Disgust With Mushrooms

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Complete disgust with mushrooms

Date: October 2017

Technique: Healing the past

Session: In-class

Summary:  My uncle came from Poland and moved in with us when I was a kid.  He was helping out my mother who was suffering from mental illness and in hopes to alleviate some of the stress she was experiencing trying to raise 3 kids.  In Poland he would go mushroom picking and when he was living with us he would bring me mushroom picking in the local wooded areas.  I loved being out in the woods learning about mushrooms.  I was probably around 6 or 7 years old.  One day we came back from mushroom picking and we laid the mushrooms outside in the sun to dry.  What I did not love was the mushroom soup he made.  Can you imagine a boiled broth of mushroom juices? Very potent taste.  I refused to eat it and he was the authoritarian type of adult figure and refused to let me leave the table until I ate the entire bowl.  I forced it down and from that point on I could not stand the taste of mushrooms.

Belief: Mushrooms are gross

Result:  As I got older I really wanted to incorporate mushrooms into my diet for the health benefits.  After my hypnotherapy session I added mushrooms to meal regimens.  Shiitake are currently my favorite!

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