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Earthly Purpose

Master Coach

Goal/Problem:  My earthly purpose for this life based on a past-life.

Technique: Past-life regression

Summary: This is an experience from a past life.  I was a rancher in the U.S.  I do not know the time period but my guess is somewhere in the early 1900’s.  I spent most of my time herding cattle across long stretches of grassy lands.  I lived a meager life and was far from wealthy.  I had a simple wooden home in the plains, but was madly in love with my wife.  We were very happy together. She was beautiful and funny; and just the thought of her made me smile.  She became pregnant & we were expecting another addition to our loving family.  We were blessed with a beautiful daughter.   My wife lost a lot of blood during the pregnancy and was very weak for the days that followed.  She passed away from the childbirth and it absolutely crushed me.  I never got over the loss of my wife.  I could have been a better father but I allowed the pain of the loss to consume me for the rest of my living days.  My daughter moved away, across the country and we barely kept in touch.  I died in my 50s or 60s alone and with a broken heart in my quiet desolate home.  

Belief: I needed another person’s love to be able to feel whole and complete.  

Result:  In my current lifetime I’ve always felt a sense of emptiness and being incomplete.  Jerry Maguire, the movie, reinforced this belief.  I always believed the day I found love would be the day the emptiness would leave me and I would feel whole and complete.  I now realize the error in this thinking.  No other person can make you whole or complete.  You must find this in yourself.   Self-actualization is the path towards wholeness.   

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