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Fear Of Making Mistakes

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Fear of making a mistake (Perfectionism)

Date: October 2017

Technique: Door of Truth

Session: In-class

Summary: I was dealing with a constant problem of beating myself up over making mistakes, even minor mistakes which had no impact on my life or other’s lives.  It developed into something so bad I would try to predict the critical thoughts other people had about me.  Bringing self-criticism to my own thoughts.

Belief:  When I make a mistake others are judging and being critical of me.

Result: I received similar physical sensations as I did in my other Door of Truth session. I could feel my body detoxifying. I got in touch with greater awareness that everyone makes mistakes and that these are learning opportunities.  I developed more self-compassion.  I no longer try to “mind read” others thoughts & I don’t participate in the ineffective act of self-criticism.

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