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General Natal Regression

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: General Natal Regression

Date: November 2017

Technique: Natal regression

Session: In-class

Summary:  We were studying natal regression in class and we had the opportunity to do a natal regression.  Natal regression involves 10 stages starting with interlife and conception all the way to labor and events directly after birth.  I ended up doing a session with my coach prior to this which went through two of these stages.  I discovered many new things but some did match my natal regression with my coach.  I was not planned and I was originally unwanted by my father because his life was already dealing with a lot of stress.  My mother became sick around the end of the 2nd trimester and beginning of the 3rd trimester and ended up spending the last 3 months in the hospital under supervision.  The doctor’s gave her the option of abortion and she refused immediately.  My father entertained the idea and was open to the abortion.  

          I also remembered the labor and hearing my mother screaming loudly and being in pain.  This reinforced the belief that I hurt women, discovered in my natal regression with my coach.

Belief: I am a burden.  I am a mistake. I hurt women.  

Result:  I realized the way my mother and father reacted to the pregnancy and situations arising during the pregnancy explains the way I feel about older male and female adult figures.  I’ve always connected better with women and my female bosses I’ve had much respect for and any male authority figures in positions of power either at work or in school I held many grudges.  I did not connect well with the president of my old company and also the other male department heads.  I no longer hold those outdated beliefs and choose to connect with everyone.  

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