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Hay Fever Allergy

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Hay fever allergy

Date: October 2017

Technique: IWI for healing

Session: Coach

Summary:  The 7th and 8th weeks at the Academy is the Medical Hypnotherapy module.  It was very interesting to hear the instructor speak about how the mind influences the body.  I was especially surprised to hear how 60% of illnesses are caused by stress and 90% of illness and injury are caused by stress.  I was also surprised to learn that allergies can be cured through hypnotherapy.  I talked to the instructor at the Academy about it to get more information and I told him I did not know when my hay fever allergy started but I do remember saying I never used to have allergies and all of a sudden I do.  I don’t remember how old I was when I said this. He mentioned there was likely a stressor that occurred in my past and this is the period of time the allergy started.  So I asked my coach if we could work on this issue.  

Result:  This technique did not work and my allergies were not cured.  This is an example of why a client may need 2-5 sessions to cure a problem.  Certain techniques work better for certain problems.  I was doing so well too with only needing one session to heal something.  So we had to do another session to address the problem.

Date:  October 2017

Technique: Regression therapy

Session: Coach

Summary:  The IWI for healing in my previous session did not cure my hay fever allergy. I had a conversation with my instructor at the Academy about how an earlier stressor likely sparked the allergy.  I asked my coach if we could use regression therapy to figure out when this first started.  He agreed.  This was my first ever regression to an unconscious memory and it gave me more insight to the power of hypnosis. 

Memory:  My coach guided me back to when my hay fever allergy first began.  I remember getting images of my living room from my childhood home.  My older brother was there.  He was sitting on the couch with a cast on his arm and he had all his things spread over the coffee table and all over the floor.  He had a football injury that required surgery on his wrist. The timing made sense too because his injury occurred early in the football season and his surgery was in September.  Hay fever season in New England is at its worst through August and September.

           I was in 8th grade and he was in 11th.  We were having a really nasty argument.  I was so angry at him because he had taken over the living room and that was the only room in the house that had a television.  Television was my life and I didn’t appreciate him taking away my baby from me.  I also think there was built-up of tension over the years because he took a lot of his anger he was experiencing out on me.  I did not like my brother because of this.  I said some really hurtful things that day.  I decided during that argument to cut my brother out of my life. 

           So further in the session I dialogue with my brother and I bring up an incident where he would take the couch cushion and completely engulf my head with it and put the weight of his body on top of the cushion.  This fueled many emotions inside of me, primarily anger and intense fear.  I felt suffocated and could not breathe.  When I desperately needed air I summed up all the energy in my body in an attempt at escape and this would be his cue to release himself and the cushion from my head.  I remember during the dialogue, I started crying.  I really wanted an older brother who would look out for me, but he was too consumed in his own world to consider that as an option.  I don’t fault him, we all had a rough going in that house. 

Belief:  He is not my brother.

Correlation/Metaphor:  The argument with my brother and cutting him out of my life occurred during hay fever season. The symptoms of my allergy were watery eyes, difficulty breathing due to a stuffy nose and overall just not feeling well.  Similar to being suffocated with a couch cushion.  The more you explore hypnotherapy and the more you explore the power of the mind you realize the cause and effect much clearer.  Cutting my brother out of my life was an act of separation from a family member and I believe this is what caused my hay fever allergy.  The body is a communication device and my beliefs today coincide that all things are connected and together this massive connection makes one whole unit.  

Result:  I was experiencing bad symptoms to my hay fever allergies in New Mexico, after all I was in a new climate and exposed to new pollen’s.  After this session I no longer had the symptoms of my hay fever allergy while down there.  I will test it out during the hay fever season of 2018. 

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