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Healing Traumatic Memories

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Past memory at the age of 4 where my mother would get sick and turn into a different person (as perceived from the eyes of a child).

Date: October 2017

Technique: CPRM w/ ARTA

Session: Coach

Summary: My mother is bipolar and it was always quite severe.  Almost every year the stress of raising three kids would get the best of her and she would end up in the hospital for about a month or more.  My first experience of this was when I was 4 and there were all these signs of her getting sick.  She wouldn’t sleep, she would start cleaning the house in the middle of the night but it wasn’t really cleaning.  I would go into the living room and the floor would be covered with dishes, glasses, vases and whatever other objects she could find in the cupboards and shelves.  Worst of all she would act differently.  She would talk faster and express a high level of energy.  This was the manic state of her bipolar.  One night I heard my sister screaming and my brother jumped off the top bunk and I crawled off the bottom bunk.  I walked down the hallway towards the kitchen and all I could hear was my sister crying.  I was scared but continued walking towards the commotion.  I found my mother laying on the kitchen floor, unconscious, with pills scattered all over the floor.  What I found out later in life from my mother is she couldn’t sleep so she tried taking more medication to help her fall asleep.  She overdosed and an ambulance came and took her to the hospital.  

        This event was a highly emotional critical incident.  It occurred before the age of 7 when the Critical Faculty was not yet developed.  My social anxiety stems from this event and the events of my mother turning into what seemed to be a different person when she was sick.  If a 4 year old child cannot even trust who his mother is, how do you think he is going to perceive every single stranger he encounters?  This is where my subconscious developed the defense mechanism of being extremely reserved & shy when meeting new people.  I had to know what you were all about before I could give you any information about myself.  Whenever meeting a new person I would get anxiety or an uncomfortable uneasiness in my chest.

Belief: People could not be trusted. People are scary.

Result:  Hypnotherapy reverses my anxiety, discomfort & shyness around people. I’ve become more engaged and open while in conversations with people, especially new people I meet.  To think, 31 years of my behavior was dictated by a series of events occurring when I was four years old.  Wild!

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