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High Cholesterol

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: High cholesterol

Date: October 2017

Technique: Healing Imagery & Inner Guidance

Session: In-class

Summary: My father had quadruple bypass surgery and has had high cholesterol his entire life.  In my mid-20’s I got my cholesterol tested by my primary care physician.  the results were slightly above 300, which is extremely high. She said it was genetic and I would have to be a statin my entire life.  I don’t like taking prescription drugs.  So I decided to change my diet instead.  My cholesterol has improved but it still tests in the low 200’s, which is slightly high.  I went to a nutritionist and got extensive blood work done.  The results showed I had one of the two genetic markers for high cholesterol.  I produce more desmosterol which turns into cholesterol.  

Belief: My high cholesterol is genetic & cannot be changed.

Results: I had an amazingly refreshing and rejuvenating session where I could feel every cell in my body vibrating.  I felt like a million bucks for the remainder of the week. I am going to get tested to see if the session changed my gene behavior and see if my desmosterol growth is still hyperactive.  I’ll keep you posted.

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