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Karmic Source Of Gifts

Master Coach

Goal/Problem: Karmic source of gifts, talents, abilities (in current lifetime)

Date: November 2017

Technique: Past-life regression

Session: In-class

Summary: These memories are from a past life.  My first image was speaking in front of a classroom of college students.  The entire classroom was filled with people.  I was interesting, funny and articulate.  I taught either anatomy or medicine.  I remember specifically talking about the heart.  I had another memory of speaking at a conference in front of my peers & colleagues in Amsterdam.  I also had a memory of speaking at an outdoor fair in Paris.  The attire and technology was either around the 1600’s and could have been all the way up until the 1800’s.  I was in England.  I had an early memory of reading Darwin’s book with my father and he would have me read a page then shut the book and explain what I had just read.  

          My death in that lifetime taught me something I use in this lifetime.  I died in my 50’s from pneumonia due to traveling in the winter months.  I never turned down speaking events.  I pushed my body too hard and it eventually caught up with me.  

Beliefs:  I am a powerful public speaker. 

Result: I have always had a strong desire to be a great public speaker but negative programming prevented me from experiencing this great innate love of mine.  Now that I have reversed the negative programming I am pursing many ventures which involve public speaking.  

One of the lessons I learned was I need to take care of myself and my body. I do spend a lot of time taking care of my body and doing whatever it takes to alleviate stress. I’ve always felt this way. 

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