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Karmic Source Of Healing

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Karmic source of healing and the mind

Date: November 2017

Technique: Past life regression

Session: In-class

Summary: This was my first past life regression and I never believed in past lives until this session. My first memory I visualized stone buildings and sandy streets.  I was speaking to a group of boys and teenagers about Christ and the teachings of Christ.  The time period was between 100 A.D. and 150 A.D.  I was a traveler and I was somewhere in the Middle East.  People in the town got wind of this intruder filling the minds of their youth with these very different ideas.  Suddenly I was surrounded by an angry mob and even though I was of good-nature and peaceful, they would not listen to what I had to say.  They condemned me to death and started to throw stones at me; even the boys.  I became in touch with this intense fear and sadness.  This event actually has had a profound impact on my current lifetime.  At the end of the session Cairo, Egypt popped into my mind.  

Belief: If I share my opinions and beliefs with others and they contradict with other people’s opinions and beliefs it could be dangerous and even fatal.

Result:  I always have had difficulty speaking my beliefs and convictions with the fear of offending or upsetting others.  I don’t have this problem anymore.  

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