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Memory Of Being Picked On As A Child

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Memory of being picked on by an older kid

Date: October 2017

Technique: Healing the past

Session: In-class

Summary:  I was an altar boy in fourth grade and my first mass was during school.  The entire school was in attendance.  I remained standing during the entire communion portion of mass.  Communion is normally long and it’s a moment where the altar boys are supposed to sit.  Apparently someone had noticed.  At the end of the school day I was in my bus line and an older kid who was also an altar boy started making fun of me for the mistake.  My teacher overheard the ridicule and came over and defended me; which brought a flood of emotions and I started crying.  After this experience I became hyper aware to other people looking in my direction when I’m doing something, anything really, but it is much worse in front of an audience.  This has been a big distraction for me throughout my life and the problem became glaring when I was acting in community theater in my early 30’s.  I would slip out of character because I would be paying attention to the eyes in the audience; which hurt my performance and all of my acting experiences. 

Belief: When in front of a group, regardless of what I’m doing someone is watching me closely and judging me.  

Result:  After the session I no longer have a problem with eyes on me in any situation.

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