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Fear of Rejection

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Fear of rejection by women (part of my social anxiety problem)

Date: July 19th, 2017

Technique: Regression therapy

Summary:  I’m traveling the country after I get the courage to quit the job I hated for 8 ½ years.  I was driving with my rescue dog Brody in my 12 passenger van I bought specifically for this road trip I was on and I was leaving Los Angeles.  I had such a bad experience in LA and just wanted to go north and while traveling towards San Francisco a thought popped in my head.  Out of the blue this idea came. I had success quitting smoking and drinking with hypnosis.  I wondered if hypnosis would help with my social anxiety.  I was going to be in Seattle in a week and decided to try to find one there.  I found one and e-mailed her. I let her know my situation and that I was only going to be in Seattle for two days.  She said she was booked out for months but if something popped up she would see me.  So happens the first day I was there she emailed me asking me to come in the next day at 5pm. We met and I explained to her how I would freeze up when talking to women I was attracted to.  I gave her several examples of instances where I was rejected by women and it created this behavior of fear of rejection from women I was attracted to.

          I was regressed back to a specific rejection which was still a frequent memory for me.  I was a freshman in college (Date: Fall of 2000) and decided to pledge a fraternity that a friend of mine was joining, but in the end I never followed through with the process.  We had a pledge event and afterwards there was a mingling social with one of the sororities.  My friend and I walked up to a pretty girl and I put my hand out as a welcome gesture and for whatever reason I introduced myself as Denzel Washington.  Her reaction was not what I was expecting.  Her eyes opened wide, she then rolled her eyes and turned her body as quickly as possible and walked across the room.  My buddy insultingly asked me what I was thinking.  The whole event was extremely embarrassing and put a lot of doubt in my ability to swoon women.  The hypnotherapist in Seattle helped me to reevaluate my emotional response to the situation and provided my mind with some positive suggestions about the event with greater analysis.  She even laughed because she thought it was funny I introduced myself as a sexy, powerful, black actor.  I realized during the session another girl with a better sense of humor would have enjoyed the introduction.

Belief: I’m terrible with women.  Pursuing women romantically will lead to rejection.  

Result:  I felt so good after the session and began to realize how powerful hypnosis was.  I even posted on Facebook, “Seattle changed my life.”  It was a tool that could be used for emotional healing.  I have not had any issues talking to women I’m attracted to since the session.  I do get a little bit of nervousness before approaching a woman I’m attracted to but it goes away immediately.  I think it’s a normal response. The hypnotherapist also told me about her training and this is where I learned about the Hypnotherapy Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I ended up attending a month and a half later.

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