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Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Resentment I held for others who I felt hurt me; primarily my parents

Date: October 2017

Technique: Door of Truth

Session: Coach

Summary:  This technique, similar to an IWI incorporates the power of subconscious imagery.  I don’t want to describe the technique in great detail out of respect for my instructors in the Academy.  This is their creation and intellectual property.  I’ll tell you about the healing process I experienced.  I ended up in a healing river and the water washed away all the resentment that was being held inside of me.

Belief: Others, especially my parents did not treat me the way I deserved to be treated.

Result: I could feel physical sensations in my body of filth being removed and my body felt like it went through a complete detoxification process.  I felt refreshed and rejuvenated. Also I became more in touch with my feelings.

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