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Want to find something new, fun and different to do on a Friday or Saturday night?  Have a past-life party! The concept is similar to the Tupperware party, where you host a group of individuals at your home and as the host you don’t have to pay a thing.  Invite over to your house a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 people to participate in a 2 to 2  1/2 hour education on reincarnation and get in touch with a past-life experience. What you should expect: 

The First Hour

  • Past-life regression slide show including powerful accounts of past lives in history
  • Learn what karma is and the five examples of karmic sources from past lives
  • Discover all the famous people who believed in reincarnation
  • Learn some reincarnation theories
  • Learn about the Model of the Mind & Hypnosis

The Next 1- 1.5 Hours: 

  • Learn self-hypnosis
  • Movie receiver exercise to enhance imagery in the imagination
  • Hypnosis induction and past-life regression into the lifetime of the karmic source of any special gifts, talents, or abilities.
  • Dehypnotize & journaling.
  • Debrief, questions, & discussion.


Starts between 7 -8 pm and runs 2- 2 ½ hours.  Enough time to have dinner prior and get a good discussion with your guests about their beliefs on reincarnation.  This will really excite the imagination!

Ask guests to brings, blankets, pillows, or yoga mats for comfort.

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