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Spiritual Teachers

Master Coach

Goal/Problem: Greatest spiritual teacher from a past-life

Date: November 2017

Technique: Past life regression

Summary: I did a regression to a past life. I was a young Tibetan orphan who ended up at a monastery in the mountains.  I was taught not to speak, I was assigned choirs & meditated daily.  I grew older and would go on retreats in the snowy mountain tops where we would undress and use meditation and internal resources to regulate our body temperatures.  I remember asking my teacher what my name was & he responded, “You have no name, once you have a name you separate yourself.”

Beliefs: Do not separate yourself from others; practice unity.  The mind is extremely powerful.

Results:  I acquired wisdom on how to live life and grew the faith of my powers within.  Coincidentally I’m doing a Power of the Mind Seminar and use hypnotherapy to help others change negative programming in the mind.  

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