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Irritation When Stuck In Traffic

Master Coach

Problem/Goal: Irritated when stuck in traffic or driving in heavy traffic

Date: September 2017

Technique: IWI

Session: In-class

Summary:  I was doing an in-class session and we were asked to choose something simple and easy for our fellow classmates.  What I thought was a 4 out of 10 became a 10 out of 10.  This technique uses imagery created from the subconscious mind and the object chosen by the subconscious mind has a powerful message associated with it.  I didn’t think I was doing it correctly at first and the original object which popped in my mind seemed unlikely, but then I just ran with it.  The object was a mop.  It was a dirty, filthy mop.  An object I wouldn’t even notice if I walked passed it.  I put the mop in the room and the level of irritation went through the roof.  The dirty mop didn’t belong there (just as I felt other people shouldn’t be on the road causing me to be late to my destination).  I later had discussion with the mop and the mop simply wanted to be noticed and appreciated. After further dialogue with the mop my body started twitching and tears started streaming down my face.  I had made a powerful realization of how dismissive I have been to strangers and people who are not close to me.  As if they were dirty mops.  I got in touch with feelings of being ignored and made to feel insignificant.  I remember saying something along the lines of how poorly I’ve treated my brothers and sisters of this world and I genuinely felt sad for my actions.  

Belief:  People are an inconvenience to me.  There are too many people and they get in my way.  

Results:  I remember sitting in the classroom with the 20 other students in my class.  During the debrief I raised my hand and shared about the dirty mop and the significance of what I learned from that mop.  I felt this energy throughout the entire room. I let everybody know I felt connected to every single person in that room.  Through hypnotherapy I was able to modify the negative programming and get back in touch with the invisible energy field, the connection between myself and others.  Great experience!

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